Phil Harmonic Friday Night Live Recording

by Homebrew Santa Cruz

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This compilation from our two live television performances is brought to you by Phil Harmoniq with Friday Night Live July 22 and Aug 12.


released July 22, 2016

Matt Kotila- vocals and lead guitar
James Taylor- rhythm guitar
Alison Ducky Maupin



all rights reserved


Homebrew Santa Cruz, California

Singer-songwriters Alison Maupin, noted for her “incredible pipes” and Matt Kotila create a balanced sound that ranges from folk, to grunge with tangible inspirations in 60s rock featuring powerful guitar riffs. Homebrew stands out with memorable material. Since their 2015 Summer Tour to WA and OR Homebrew regularly plays local venues while concurrently producing their first album. ... more

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Track Name: Homebrew - Bashin
Bashin my head
Wish I were dead
I get so lonely
In the night
When I wake
All we do is fight
Can't nothin
Ever make it right
But you love me
The worthless
scum that I am

Taking a moment
To look inside
For one redeeming
To attach
A budding sense of pride
But there's nothing there
But smoke
Curling in the air
Track Name: Big Screen
You ask me what I'm good at
I say everything
So you pull down your pants
And get out your ring
I say put it away

I look down with a frown to you
On the ground
I say get up!
Just show me around
I'm just new in town

When everything's a private joke
They'll never laugh along
When I feel like I'm in a musical
I'm singin to myself on the street
I wave my arms
Lift my head up high
I spin and kick my feet
People say it all
With their eyebrows high
They need not utter a sound
Cuz it's easy to see
They do not get me
Unless I'm on a big screen
Yeah, it's easy to see
They do not get me
Unless I'm on a big screen
Unless I'm
Unless I'm
Unless I'm on a big screen